What is Bullying?


Bullying in its simplest terms is someone trying to make someone else frightened or to feel poorly about themselves. Beyond that, it is just method, the way they go about being cruel. Verbal, physical, internet, it’s all the same, they just want to hurt someone.

Children Using Abusive and Disrespectful Language

Small kids using abusive and disrespectful language towards their parents grow up to be big kids that use abusive and disrespectful language towards their parents and others.

Train Hard, Play Hard!

At Taylor Martial Arts Academy our students work hard, but having fun is one of the most important aspects of learning, especially with children and youth! Along with great discipline and respect we also encourage fun, laughter and the occasional silliness. 

Your child will not only learn life-lessons to protect him or herself mentally and physically, but will also create friendships and have fun along the way! 

Telling Kids,
"Don't Talk to Strangers,"
is USELESS... Read Why Here

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