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  Benefits of services are:

  • Your child will learn life skills that will last a lifetime!

  • Create long-lasting friendships whom have like-minded goals

  • Feeling the fun of athletic accomplishment

  • Learning that you can do more than you thought, what a great feeling

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The Art of Martial Arts!

Do you want your child to live a happy, healthy and safe life? There are many ways to accomplish this with your child, and one way is to teach your child what we believe are three important life-skills. First, verbal skills, the ability to speak with confidence, second, emotional coping skills, so as to not become a target for verbal abusers, and lastly, strong physical self-defense, and the attitude to be responsible for it.

Life is not perfect, so our services are tailored to work with children and teens from all walks and challenges of life: 

  • Natural Athletes that need focus

  • ADD

  • ADHD

  • Bully prevention

  • Poor grades

  • Great Grades, but never happy

  • Anti-social

  • No self-confidence

  • Disrespect for family and others

  • and more!

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Hear What a Mother Had to Say About TMAA!

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Read What a Principal and Parent

Had to Say About TMAA!

“During our partnership with Taylor Martial Arts I have always found Mr. Taylor and his staff to be friendly, professional, and student oriented.  I hope to continue our partnership for many years. I know TMA works with many schools in our district providing many of the activities I have mentioned above.  I believe the principals at those schools would echo my sentiments regarding Mr. Taylor and his staff."

-Jon Black, Principal




“Taylor Martial Arts means so much to my family. After the very first class my son already had some tools to deal with name calling. After each class I noticed he was holding his head a little higher, and the things people would say no longer bothered him.

It’s been almost three years and he’s very confident and motivated making positive changes and choices daily. All the kids are involved and enjoy coming. The promotions system is not just coming to class. It’s also about respecting every time my child had a behavior problem they helped me work through them. Thanks TMA!"

-A Happy Mommy!

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by calling 951-924-1955 

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