"There are many reasons why I'm passionate about sending my children to Taylor Martial Arts. The most important is simple; these professional teachers are passionate about my children! My four year old comes home and puts his shoes away. He talks to me about what bullies say, and how he can respond. Helping him find his voice is the reason I looked into karate! He sword fights his dad's calves with a pool noodle! He beams as he regularly earns notches on his belt! 

This is absolutely thanks to Taylor Martial Arts! From bowing to Sensei, to watching, listening and following direction, these kids are taught respect. Another reason I believe in Taylor Martial Arts, is how well staffed they are. I appreciate that during instruction, my child is a priority.


When learning martial arts, there are enough instructors to make sure the students have proper form, and also to keep everyone safe and on task. I couldn't imagine a better place to attend. This place is definitely a Jewel of the Inland Empire!"

Ashley H.

During our partnership with Taylor Martial Arts I have always found Mr. Taylor and his staff to be friendly, professional, and student oriented.  I hope to continue our partnership for many years. I know TMA works with many schools in our district providing many of the activities I have mentioned above.  I believe the principals at those schools would echo my sentiments regarding Mr. Taylor and his staff."

-Jon Black, Principal

John Black


Taylor Martial Arts means so much to my family. After the very first class my son already had some tools to deal with name calling. After each class I noticed he was holding his head a little higher, and the things people would say no longer bothered him.

It’s been almost three years and he’s very confident and motivated making positive changes and choices daily. All the kids are involved and enjoy coming. The promotions system is not just coming to class. It’s also about respecting every time my child had a behavior problem they helped me work through them. Thanks TMA!"


Taylor Martial Arts has become like a family. My son loves it, it’s nice to see him focus. Mostly because focus is really hard for him. They work hard but have fun and learn a lot and confidence."


We brought him to you at the end of his first grade year.  He was seven at the time.  He had a low confidence level and wouldn’t look at the person while he was spoken to.


We want to thank you on such a wonderful job you’ve done with our son.  He is now very disciplined and does extremely well in the classroom.  His training has excelled as well.  Thank you very much for your hard work and training with our son."

Mother and Father

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Since he would not tell us about what was going on we decided to enroll him and see how it could help him.


My son loves coming to karate and making his sensei’s proud. My son has learned to speak up about his feelings and emotions. He has learned to handle being bullied and picked on at school. His sensei’s work with him on a one-on-one basis and help him where he needs to focus and how to perfect his moves.


Discipline has been easier on us at home and his teachers have noticed an improvement as well. I enjoy watching him grow and learn to become a young and respectable boy!"


I have a daughter who just turned 5 in July. She didn't go to Head Start or TK. I tried teaching her the numbers, abc's, shapes and colors, etc. When it came to discipline, the same teaching her from right to wrong.

I wasn't sure if she was ready for kinder but the day came, the first two days went by and the teacher came to me and told me she wasn't listening, she was getting in and out of the lines, wasn't sitting in her chair, she even got in a fight and spit at a boy in school!

My heart dropped, spoke to my husband and we decided to put her in karate with my other two boys. Two weeks went by, mind you, I noticed a difference at home already! She was more calm and the teacher just told me that she saw a change right away from day and night. I was so excited!

The discipline they teach our kids is unbelievable I'm so proud of the work they put in thanks martial arts Dan TAYLOR."


Taylor Martial Arts is very special to our family. The staff has been very patient and encouraging to our son who has ADHD. We have seen improvements in our son’s focus and confidence since joining! The firm discipline has been great for our son as well the staff has also been an encouragement for my husband and I as well."


Taylor Martial Arts has given my son more confidence and the ability to know how to deal with bullying at school. Taylor martial arts has become a special place for my son. He admires and looks up to his instructors.


The staff supports and recognizes my son’s accomplishments in school, through special class recognition and through their honor roll party. Taylor Martial Arts also has given my son more accountability with his behavior at home and school. My son now strives to always do his best for his family and his instructors at Taylor Martial Arts. As a single parent I appreciate the extra support and role models they have provided my son."


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